5 Key Auto Detailing Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Auto Detailing tips for winter car care

5 Key Auto Detailing Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

A critical area of auto detailing tips for this time of year is the area of winterizing your vehicle. Winterizing is something that can go forgotten as the cold winter months can sneak up on us as the average temperature suddenly drops 30 degrees over three days’ time. Auto Beauty Center in Independence, Missouri, knows the importance of this type of maintenance, and wants to provide you with these auto detailing tips on caring for your vehicle through the colder parts of the year.

1. Maintain Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure can decrease by up to 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. This happens because the air inside the tire is condensing. Once it has condensed, it takes up less space inside the tire.Low tire pressure paired with icy road conditions is a nasty combination, so make sure to check your pressure regularly and keep your tires aired up to between 32 to 35 PSI.

2. Wash Your Car Regularly

Thanks to the presence of muddy, oily slush as well as other chemicals and road salt on the road in the icy season, regular washing becomes more important than ever. Road salt can create a chemical reaction that can corrode your car, especially if there is any exposed metal. The undercarriage of your car will take the brunt of the road salt damage, because of this, it’s critical to make sure you keep your brake and fuel line clear of salt to avoid corrosion and rust.

3. Protect Your Paint
Auto Detailing from experts like those at Auto Beauty Center in Independence, can help protect the paint on your vehicle. Our MING process will protect your vehicle by doing more than filling in scratches. It removes contaminants, polishing the paint to a level surface and then we mechanically seal the paint for long-term protection. Combining this with our Nanoize Polish and Paint Protective coating, you’ll get a high quality paint protection that will last you 3 to 5 years if cared for properly.

4. Switch to Snow Tires
Once the average temperature dips under around 50 degrees, you’ll want to switch to winter tires. These tires perform better on icy roads. Once the temperatures climb back up over 50 degrees, you’ll want to switch back.

5. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades typically need to be replaced at least once every 6 months. The winter months are dark, wet, and icy, because of this it’s critical to do what you can to maintain optimal visibility when driving your car. The rubber on the blades will deteriorate with use. Even if they look fine, if it’s been more than a few months, it’s best to replace them heading into the winter months.
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