Auto Detailing From the Best: Auto Beauty Centers

Car receiving Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing From the Best: Auto Beauty Centers

If you need auto detailing on your car, Auto Beauty Centers is the place to go. We offer a large range of options as well as added bonuses designed to be as convenient as possible for you. We’ll discuss some of our services below:

Exterior Detailing Services: We have over 30 years of experience in providing auto detailing services to the area. Because of this we have developed a process that does much more than just applying waxes to fill in scratches. We can actually remove surface contaminants and polish the surface to give your car’s paint a mirror like finish. This process removes hard water spots, swirls, oxidation, and even light scratches.

Headlight Restoration: The plastic headlight covers over headlights become dull over the years, leaving them hazy, cloudy, and foggy. This makes driving at night more dangerous than it needs to be. One of our specialties among our auto detailing options is headlight restoration. Our service will restore your headlights’ ability to illuminate the road and help keep you safe from potential hazards on the road at night.

Vehicle Wrap Removal and Rewrapping: The average lifespan of a wrap on a vehicle is between five and seven years. One of Auto Beauty Centers’ auto detailing options is to replace this wrap for you. We offer specialized vinyl vehicle wraps to help advertise your business in a way that will save you money that you would have spent on other advertising options like billboards, benches, or direct mail advertisement.

Interior Detailing: One of the best ways you can maintain the value of your vehicle and keep your upholstery and vinyl surfaces protected is to have our interior detailing performed on your car at regular intervals. Our staff is experienced with the delicate surfaces featured on new luxury and exotic vehicles.

We believe that the time commitment involved is one of the main barriers stopping people from getting auto detailing as often as they should. Because of this, Auto Beauty Centers offers a service where for a small fee, we will pick up your vehicle, clean and detail it, and deliver it back to you so that you don’t have to take time out of your day to bring it to us. If you do wish to bring your car in yourself, we offer a luxury lounge with wifi, coffee, and tea.

For the best detailing services for your car in the Independence, MO. area, come to Auto Beauty Center. While we do accept walk-in business, we cannot guarantee availability so call us today at (816) 252-1978 to schedule your appointment or use our online form and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.