Exclusive Nanoize Product Line

Auto Beauty Center is proud to introduce the Nanoize™ product line of vehicle protection products! Using the power of nanotechnology, our new Nanoize™ products deliver unparalleled levels of protection for your vehicle. We use these products for detailing and providing superior protection to the inside and outside of your vehicle.

Auto Beauty Center offers the full line of Nanoize™ products, including:

  • Nanoize™ Polish & Protectant
  • Nanoize™ Polish and Protectant QD
  • Nanoize™ Clean and Polish
  • Nanoize™ Aluminum Wheel & Tire Cleaner
  • Nanoize™ Tire Sheen and Protectant
  • Nanoize™ Road Grime Remover
  • Nanoize™ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
  • Nanoize™ Carpet shampoo
  • Nanoize™ Fabric Treatment
  • Nanoize™ Leather and Vinyl Protectant
  • Nanoize™ Odor-Out
  • Nanoize™ Engine Degreaser
  • Nanoize™ Engine Sealer

NanoFusion particles graphicnanoize wax particles graphic

Download the full product descriptions Nanoize Product Sheet.

Nanoize™ products make use of nanotechnology. But what does that mean?

Nanotechnology is the term used for materials and devices that operate at the nanoscale. In the metric system of measurement, nano equals one billionth of a meter. To better understand the scale of a nanoparticle, over 80,000 nanoparticles will fit on the end of a human hair. Or, the ratio of dimension between a nanoparticle and volleyball is equivalent to the ratio of dimension between volleyball and the earth. Need I explain further? It is small.

Nanotechnology is an emerging process that provides advantages over other technologies by utilizing differences in physical, chemical, and biological properties of objects at the level of the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology is the latest buzz in high tech. The ability to manipulate such tiny particles is expected to revolutionize everything from electronics to medicine. Auto Beauty Center has harnessed the same power of nanotechnology for advanced results in car appearance and protection products.

How do Nanoize™ Car Care products differ from other car care products?

  • Nanoize™ products use a patent-pending NanoFusion™ process to effectively blend nano and hydrophobic polymers together.
  • The long-lasting bonding effect of the nanopolymers to the paint surface eliminates the need to repeatedly apply a separate protective product.
  • Our polish is not a topical application like wax, which melts or washes off shortly after the initial application, yet it provides rejuvenative reparation to your vehicle’s finish by filling and tenaciously staying in the smallest of scratches and micro-anomalies on your paint’s finish.
  • We use a plexi-polymer that is an “acrylic like”, anti-static, transparent, protective layer and gloss enhancer. This gives the product extremely effective depth of shine, durability, corrosion protection, spot resistance, and excellent detergent resistance.
  • Eliminates many of the problems associated with conventional products—including fine scratches, minor swirl marks, wax smears, and white residue. Easy to apply and wipe off.
  • Our polishes provide a silky smooth, more even surface, allowing light to reflect evenly. Conventional wax particles create a less even surface, which, if not buffed vigorously and evenly, causes swirl marks on the surface of your paint.
  • Hydrophobic polymers super-effectively repel dirt and water, and other elements making future touch-up cleaning quick and easy. When applied to the windshield, improves visibility by repelling rain, sleet, and snow, and the effect lasts through multiple washings.
  • When applied to interior carpet, upholstery, vinyl, rubber, plastic and finished wood surfaces provides an anti-static barrier that repels dust and stains and provides exceptional UV protection.
  • Nanoize™ cleaning products do not dissolve the soils from the outside in, like most conventional products. Our nanoparticles are smaller than the dirt and soil molecules, so they can rapidly penetrate through the larger soil particles to quickly break them up from the inside out! This greatly reduces the amount of scrubbing in the cleaning process.

Auto Beauty Center is continuing to develop new products that apply the advantages of nanotechnology to other areas of your vehicle. Nanotechnology helps Auto Beauty Center provide products that deliver better shine, protection, and conditioning than other car care products currently on the market today. Nanotechnology delivers these benefits without extra work or extra cash out of your pocket!

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