Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Complete Exterior Auto Detailing Services Packages

Our premium exterior auto detailing services packages offer vehicle owners opportunities to protect against and correct the damage caused by everyday road use. These auto detailing services packages are designed for the owner who wants to maximize both the beauty and the longevity of a vehicle. Receive a special discount on an interior detailing package with the purchase of an exterior auto detailing services package.

The “Glaze” Exterior Detail Treatment” (Swirl and Light Scratch Removal).

Auto Beauty 25 years’ experience polishing automotive finishes has made it possible to offer a simplified version of our MING process that gives great results.

This process involves more than just applying wax to fill in scratches. We remove surface contaminants and polish the paint surface for a mirror-like appearance. This removes most hard water spots, swirls, oxidation and light scratches.

The Glaze Polish and Auto Beauty technologically advanced dual action polisher is used to level and remove 65 to 75 percent of the common paint imperfections. Recommend for vehicles with common paint imperfections due to neglect from the elements, improper washing, machine tunnel car wash damage. For those vehicle surfaces that have a greater amount of heavy scratches, swirl marks or hard water spot deposits we highly recommend our Ming Polish. Our Auto Beauty Consultants will help you select the best auto detailing services to match your expectations and needs.

The “MING” Mirror Finish Paint Protection

Visit our Ming Mirror Finish page to see the step-by-step Ming process.

Auto Beauty Center has been performing the patented Ming process since 1984 – there’s a reason the process is still being used today. This specialty service has become the polish process of choice for those who want to protect their paint finish and restore the value and appearance of their vehicles. The Ming process is much more than applying car wax or coatings to fill in scratches – it involves careful removal of contaminants, polishing of the paint to a level surface and then mechanically sealing the paint for long-term protection. By adding an application of our exclusive Nanoize Polish and Paint Protective coating, you have an unmatched paint protection guaranteed to last 3-5years with proper care.

The Ming process is an ideal option for new vehicles as it strengthens the clear coat and will keep your vehicle looking like new!

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