MING Mirror Finish Paint Protection

Ming Mirror Finish. The MING process logo.

The Ultimate In Vehicle Protection

  • MING Mirror Finish Provides Long-Lasting Protection for Your Vehicle’s Clear Coat
  • Keeps New Cars Sparkling Like on the Showroom Floor With A Mirror-like Finish
  • Exclusive Auto Beauty Center Nanoize Polymer Finish Makes Clear Coats Nearly Impenetrable
  • Protects Vehicles Clear Coat for 5 Years With Proper Care
  • Highly Recommended for New Vehicles
  • “You will notice light reflecting off the clear coat with nearly the same sharpness and brilliance of a perfectly cut and polished diamond.”

What Is MING?

MING is neither a wax nor a coating. In fact, MING is more a process than a finish. The MING process enhances a vehicle’s painted finish by smoothing out its pits and valleys (sometimes called “pores”) where dirt, grime and pollutants collect. In a conventional treatment, waxes or polishes are rubbed or buffed into these pores to cover the paint. The shine comes from the ingredients of the wax or coating. With MING, the shine you see is the reflection of the actual paint surface, not wax or another coating.

Along with smoothing out the pits and valleys , the MING process toughens and hardens the paint making it resistant to the detrimental effects of the environment. The only upkeep necessary is a gentle, weekly washing. You will not need to wax or polish your vehicle for up to 3 years with proper care. The MING treatment will last to around 5 years.

The MING Process


The rough porous surface allows dirt and grime to collect deep into the paint. The first step of the MING process is removing the surface contaminants with a clay bar and polish.


MING’s special process uses proprietary compounds and equipment to open the paint’s pores and completely level the finish. This removes the majority of the most common paint imperfections, like minor scratches, hard waters spots, swirl marks and oxidation. This step restores the vehicle’s mirror-like finish.


Using our signature polishing process in concert with our proprietary paint protection and hardening compound, the open pores are sealed and an additional clear, hardened layer is added onto the finish. With scratches removed, pores filled and the surface perfectly flat, the mirror-like finish is restored and protected.

Guaranteed to last for 3 years!

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