Paint Protection Treatment Pricing

Ceramic Paint Protection Detail Treatments

Package Cars/Small SUV Mini Vans and Pick Ups Large SUV and Trucks
Diamond Ceramic- Exterior (Warranty: 7 years New – 3 year Used) $795 $995 $995
Diamond Ceramic – Interior (Warranty: 7 years New – 3 year Used) $300 $350 $450
Diamond Ceramic – Interior+ (Warranty: 7 years New – 3 year Used) $450 $450 $600
Ceramic Exterior Maintenance Treatment $100 $150 $150

Maintenance treatment includes, complete hand wash, polish and ceramic touch up coating to maintain superior hydrophobic properties. Recommend every 6 to 12 months depending on driving usage, frequency and type of car wash.

Ming Mirror Finish Exterior Detail Treatments

Package Cars/Small SUV Mini Vans and Pick Ups Large SUV and Trucks
“The Ming” (3-year warranty) $300 $350 $450
“The Glaze Finish” $150 $200 $300
Interior Treatments as part of Ceramic or Ming Treatments $100 $150 $200

Additional charges may apply for extremely dirty vehicle, extra-large vehicles, and overspray.


  • Cars- Compact: Compact- Civic, Corolla, Focus, Dart, Jetta, BMW 2-3 series, etc.
  • Cars- Midsize: Fusion, Camry, Altima, Accord, S90, BMW 4 series, A6, C Class, Malibu etc.
  • Cars- Full Size Sedans: S Class, Avalon, Taurus, A8 etc.
  • Cars- Small SUV’s. Rogue, Forester, Q5, Terrain, Compass, Rav 4, Tucson, Escape, A5, etc.


  • SUV: Edge, Highlander, Sorrento, Cayenne, Cherokee, Range Rover, Murano, Enclave, GLK, Pilot etc.
  • Mini Van: Odyssey, Grand Caravan, Sienna, Sedona, Pacifica etc.
  • Small Trucks: Ridgeline, Colorado, Tacoma, frontier etc.


  • SUV: Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, Armada, Expedition, Suburban, Excursion, Sequoia, etc.
  • Trucks: F150, Sierra 1500, Ram, Titan, Silverado, Tundra, Titan etc.

Extra Large Vehicles

  • Additional charges may apply for: Conversion Vans, Dully, F350, F250, 2500 and 3500, Sprinter Vans etc.

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