Our Detail Shop Will Brighten Your Drive

detail shop can restore your headlights

Our Detail Shop Will Brighten Your Drive

A detail shop can offer a diverse range of services that you might not often think of. While auto detailing likely brings to mind things such as paint protection treatment, or interior and exterior detailing services, smaller jobs such as headlight restoration are also available. Headlight restoration is an extremely useful service, cleaning the plastic cover will let your car’s lights shine more clearly and make any driving you do at night more safe for you and your passengers.

At Auto Beauty Center, headlight restoration is one of our specialties. It takes as little as three years for the headlight covers on a car to become dull, hazy, and cloudy from UV light. Our detail shop can make an immediate difference in your vehicle’s ability to illuminate the road.

Headlight restoration works by removing the cloudy layer of plastic on the cover and then applying a protective layer to replace what was removed. This service, when performed by an experienced detail shop can restore your headlights to being as bright and clear as they were when your car was new. At Auto Beauty Center we can also perform this same restoration technique on tail lights and side markers.

Of course this isn’t the only service offered at our detail shop. Auto Beauty Center also offers the following services:

  • MING Mirror Finish Paint Protection
  • Exterior Detailing Services
  • Interior Detailing Services
  • Paint Overspray Removal
  • Paint Protection Treatment
  • Vehicle Wrap Removal and Rewrapping

We offer all of these services at our location in Independence, Missouri and while walk-ins are welcome, availability is not guaranteed so we encourage you to make an appointment. We also offer a pickup service so that your day won’t be interrupted by our service. If you do end up waiting at our location for your vehicle, however, we do have a great lounge with wifi, coffee, and tea service.

If you need the services of an experienced professional detail shop, you can trust Auto Beauty Center with your vehicle’s needs. Call us today for a quote at (816) 252-1978 or click here to learn how to contact us online.