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Complete Packages

Our premium detailing packages offer vehicle owners opportunities to protect against and correct the damage caused by everyday road use. These packages are designed for the owner who wants to maximize both the beauty and the longevity of a vehicle. Receive a special discount on an interior detail package with the purchase of an exterior detail package.

Exterior Packages

Exterior Package 1: One-Step Exterior Polish Detail (Swirl and Light Scratch Removal)


Auto Beauty 22 years’ experience polishing automotive finishes has made it possible to offer a simplified version of our MING process that gives great results.

This process involves more than just applying wax to fill in scratches. We remove surface contaminants and polish the paint surface for a mirror-like appearance. This removes most hard water spots, swirls, oxidation and light scratches.

Auto Beauty One-Step Polish and Auto Beauty technologically advanced dual action polisher is used to level and remove 65 to 75 percent of the common paint imperfections. Recommend for vehicles with common paint imperfections due to neglect from the elements, improper washing,  machine tunnel car wash damage. For those vehicle surfaces that have a greater amount of heavy scratches, swirl marks or hard water spot deposits we highly recommend our 3 step Ming Polish. Our Auto Beauty Consultants will help you select the best detail service to match your expectations and needs.

  • Hand wash, clean tires, rims and white walls
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean and condition all tires, vinyl and rubber
  • Auto Beauty clay bar treatment to remove tar, fallout and insects
  • Auto Beauty premium machine polish to restore gloss and condition paint
  • Apply Auto Beauty Nanoize paint protection and enhancer
  • Apply  Auto Beauty Premium Carnuba Wax for a luxurious shine


Exterior Package 2: MING 3-Step Paint Protection


Visit our Ming Mirror Finish page to see the step-by-step Ming process.

Auto Beauty Center has been performing the patented Ming process since 1984 – there’s a reason the process is still being used today. This specialty service has become the polish process of choice for those who want to protect their paint finish and maintain the value and appearance of their vehicles. The Ming process is much more than applying car wax or coatings to fill in scratches – it involves careful removal of contaminants, polishing of the paint to a level surface and then mechanically sealing the paint for long-term protection. By adding an application of our exclusive Nanoize Polymer coating, you have an unmatched paint protection guaranteed to last 3 years with proper care.

The Ming process is an ideal option for new vehicles as it strengthens the clear coat remarkably, lasts for up to 5 years and can be repeated at regular intervals to maintain your vehicle’s incredible shine.

  • Ming Mirror Finish provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle’s clear coat
  • Keeps new car sparkling like on the showroom floor with a mirror-like finish
  • Exclusive Auto Beauty Center Nanoize Polymer finish makes clear coats nearly impenetrable
  • Protects vehicle clear coats for up to 5 years with proper care
  • Very highly recommended for new vehicles
  • “You will notice light reflecting off the clear coat with nearly the same sharpness and brilliance of a perfectly cut and polished diamond.”

With your Ming 3 Step Paint Protection package, you will also receive:

  • Hand Wash, Clean Tires, Rims and White Walls
  • Clean Windows Inside and Out
  • Clean and Condition all Tires, Vinyl and Rubber
  • Auto Beauty Clay Bar treatment to Remove Tar, Fallout and Insects
  • Auto Beauty Premium MING Polish to Restore Gloss and Condition Paint
  • Application of Nanoize polymer paint protection, enhancer and coating
  • Apply Auto Beauty Premium Carnauba Wax for a luxurious shine

Interior Packages

Our Auto Beauty Interior Detail Treatment Options are designed to meticulously clean and detail all automotive interior surfaces. We recommend detailing your vehicle on regularly scheduled intervals to help maintain its value. Keeping your leather upholstery and vinyl surfaces clean and well nourished is an important step in protecting against harsh weather elements.

Our Level 1 and 2 interior detailing services are comprehensive and our Auto Beauty detail staff is experienced with the exquisite and delicate surfaces featured on most new, luxury and exotic cars. It is important to use the recommended Auto Beauty detail products to maintain the factory finish.  Interior details, when paired with our One Step and Ming 3 Step processes, are discounted to bring you unmatched value.




This basic treatment includes cleaning carpet, upholstery, windows, floor mats, dashboard and center console.


LEVEL Two “White Glove Treatment”


Our Automotive Interior White Glove Detail includes deeper cleaning, stain and scuff removal, leather treatment and trim polishing.






Steam & Shampoo Carpets and Floor Matts X X
Clean and Detail Dashboard and Center Console X X
Spot Clean Upholstery X X
Blow out Seat Tracks, Air Vents and Crevices with airgun X
Scrub all Vinyl Panels, Dashboard, Center Console and Doors X
Remove Interior Stains & Scuff Marks X
Steam and Shampoo Upholstery X
Treat Leather with PH Balances Cleaner and Premium conditioner X
Trunk X
Black out Wheel Wells X


Additional charges may apply for excessive stains, pet hair, and heavy smoke residue/odor.



Ask about our combination packages and special discounts when you pair an exterior and interior detail service!


Paint thickness is measured as a safety precaution before scratches and imperfections are removed.

We also Specialize in the following services:

Wrap removal and preparation to re-wrap vehicle – Pricing is determined by the type of wrap and the extent of the vehicle that is wrapped.

Overspray Removal – Pricing is determined by the type of overspray and extent of overspray on the vehicle.

Please stop by one of our convenient locations for a quote.